Kirsopp Consulting Services

Solutions for small and medium-sized businesses using QuickBooks


Are you looking for ways to …

  • Spend less time entering data into QuickBooks / Enterprise Solutions?
  • Have accurate reports, because you know the reports coming from QuickBooks are not correct?
  • Understand what software options are available, without feeling like you are being sold to?


There are lots of software options available which one is right for your business? We start by talking with you about your business, how you currently are do things, what is working well in your current system and what is not working well. What information do you want to have that you are currently not getting?


After we understand your needs we discuss

  • Software options, the pros and cons of what is available – what do you need
  • A timeline for installing / converting and training on any new processes
  • On-going support and follow-up


Maybe you are in the best software for you company, you just need additional training. At Kirsopp Consulting we can provide the training.

Speaking Engagements / Group Training


Are you looking for someone to provide training to a group of people, maybe for a professional organization meeting or industry specific meeting? Gale is a National presenter / instructor. Over the past 5 years Gale has presented at Intuit QuickBooks Connect, Scaling New Heights and for numerous regional organizations.

Point of Sale Support


As store owners will tell you, the success of your POS system is dependent on the set-up. So let us start you off with a well-designed POS system, based on your store’s needs. After you are set-up and ready to go, you will have phone access to our US based support team.

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